Get to know our marketing assistant, Stina Nordlander.

Stina Nordlander was born and raised in Nyadal, High Coast, but has lived in Stockholm for almost six years. Previously, Stina worked with international sustainability and environmental issues before she saddled up and started studying at Stockholm University. In addition to taking her bachelor’s degree in criminology this summer, Stina also a member of the board of Mensa in Stockholm. As you can already see, Stina is very multifaceted, but something she is very proud of is when she received the title of Miss Sweden 2015 and got to represent Sweden in international beauty contests.

– Tell us about your role at Minnovation.

I work part-time as a marketing assistant and am based in Stockholm and develop our clientele here with a focus on helping students work during their studies. It is a role that suits me well as i am a student myself and Minnovation has made it possible for me to work on inspiring tasks at the same time as i study.

– What is it like to work at Minnovation?

I enjoy the office in Stockholm with my colleagues where different cultures and languages ​​meet, which often leads to laughter in the lunch room and new lessons. Every working day is a new challenge and since i am involved in a relatively new project where we are developing the conditions for our students to complete their studies at universities around the country, I think it is very exciting and fun to be with at the beginning and establish this here in Stockholm. I look forward to continuing to work here during and after my studies.

– What gap do you think Minnovation fills in the market?

One of the things i think is good and very unique about Minnovation is that we work with both recruitment, relocation and have solutions for local integration. For people who come to Sweden and- or relocate in Sweden to work, it is important that they enter the society in their new place of residence to thrive.

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