Peter Åberg, CEO at Minnovation: ” its exciting to be a part of this journey ” 

Peter has a long career behind him as a CEO in everything from startups to large industrial companies, with experience from the medical technology industry, the engineering industry and biological companies. In the role of CEO , Peters focus is to quickly understand the companys potential and opportunities to increase profits, which he has succeeded in doing at Minnovation – the company has tripled its turnover in the last year and has a strong ambition to continue increasing its success.

” Its important to have common goals and directions. I always look six month ahead and try to find success factors in everything from personnel development and sales, to new establishments and profit. The best thing about working at Minnovation is the fast pace, the freedom under responsibility and the opportunity to reach high goals. It´s funny! ”

Peter also has experience as a sustainability expert. For him sustainability is a leadership issue, and something that goes hand in hand with the Minnovation integration process.

” Integration is incredible important and something you have to actively work on quite quickly after the recruits have arrived in their new hometown. This increases the chances that those who come will actually stay and bring their families with them, and in this way the municipality will have better opportunities to plan the future. ” One of the reasons why Peter became CEO at Minnovation was the exciting mix of people and the commitment to the Swedish industrial venture – something that he hopes will develop even more in the future.

” It is exciting to be a part of this journey, now that Sweden is investing in industry. We have to supply personnel, otherwise there is a risk that many industrial investments will disappear, and the government also has a big responsibility there. In the long-term, it will be great to be able to participate in the sustainable development of society going forward, where integration will play a big role.”


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