Jens Pihlblad, market manager at Minnovation: ” We are in a very special situation ” 

Jens has worked in marketing and sales for many years, both as district manager and sales manager at national and international companies. Today he is market manager at Minnovation, a role that includes both strategic and operational parts.

” With my previous experience, i can today shine a light on how we can package, offer and deliver our services in a good way. Its about everything from working with the company´s brand awareness locally and nationally, to identifying which tools our employees need to be able to deliver the best to our customer and consultants ”

In additional to this, Jens works in a larger perspective towards both universities, municipalities and business so that Minnovation can create the right conditions for the development of society in Sweden.

” The best thing about Minnovation is that we are a forward leaning company, where we have consolidated the international experience and knowledge with the national demand for competence supply. This means that we become an agile organization that quickly matches customers demand with long-term recruitment solution that meet their needs. Where the receipt as the super gaselle in Sweden shows that we are involved in changing the market for recruitment and staffing in the nordics. ”

And it was precisely the idea of sustainability that attracted Jens to Minnovation. The entire company is working towards making the temporary relocation permanent. In this way, the recruitment model becomes sustainable for customers and consultants, but also on a municipal and regional level with an increased number of inhabits, tax revenues, and job opportunities.

” All people have a need to feel a sense of belonging. A sustainable relocation and integration creates the right conditions for those who are recruited to stay in the new workplace for several years. We are in a special situation with the industrial development that is taking place in Sweden – and i look forward to contributing to making it sustainable for everyone involved. “

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