Get to know our recruitment assistant in Skellefteå through seven quick questions, Felicia Granlund.


– Tell us about yourself and your background outside of work.

 I am a 27-year-old girl, raised in Skellefteå. During my working life, I have mainly worked in retail in various roles within various companies, most recently as a store manager. My main occupation right now is as a student on the HR program at Umeå University!

– Tell us about your role at Minnovation.

My role as a recruitment assistant involves preliminary work with our candidates and their profiles, interviews and matching the candidates’ skills to various assignments.

– Why did you choose to start working at Minnovation?

I chose to start at Minnovation partly because I could already start practicing my lessons from my education, continue to develop in recruitment, which was one of my favorite tasks in my previous job, but also because Minnovation seemed like an exciting company to be a part of !

– What gap do you think Minnovation fills in the market?

I think that our sustainability thinking is what makes us special, that we work long-term through permanent relocations and sustainable integrations! The entire recruitment process is permeated by a constant mindset of sustainability, which I think feels incredibly important and almost decisive, considering how fast the market in Skellefteå is expanding right now.

– What is the best thing about working at Minnovation?

The best thing about Minnovation is being part of a forward-looking company whose ideas align with my own. In my opinion, people and competence are the most important things within an organization, and being involved in such an important process as recruitment is challenging, but above all very rewarding and fun!

– What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Being new to my role there are of course many challenges and I am still learning new things every day. With colleagues and managers who support, value and believe in me, everything that can possibly arise is solved!

– What are your future goals and dreams?

My goals for the future are to work strategically with HR issues after graduation, related to exactly what we do at Minnovation, a sustainable personnel policy that values ​​people and competence for prosperous and competitive organizations.

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