Jen Cui

Jian Cui, Project coordinator

My role is like a bridge between our clients and suppliers, where various requirements and ideas from diverse cultures meet.

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Stina Nordlander 1

Stina Nordlander, marketing assistant

What i think is very unique about Minnovation is that we work with both recruitment, relocation and integration.

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Felicia Granlund

Felicia Granlund, Recruitment assistant

I think that our sustainability thinking is what makes us special, that we work long-term.

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Ansion lin 1

Ansion Lin, Financial Officer Minnovation

For Ansion, the best part about working at Minnovation is the opportunity to work alongside a great team and collaborate closely.

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mariestad relocate

What to think about when relocating for a job?

At Minnovation, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in a new home to feel comfortable at a new workplace. Read more to see how we can assist you.

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medarbetarportratt Peter 1

Peter Åberg, CEO Minnovation

One of the reasons why peter became CEO of Minnovation was the exciting mix of people and the commitment to the Swedish industrial investment

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medarbetarportratt lejonstrom 1

Jens Pihlblad, Market manager Minnovation

In this way, the recruitment model becomes sustainable, but also on a municipal and regional level with an increased number of inhabits, tax revenues and job opportunities.

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niklas jonasson 9Aom2v4NrP8 unsplash

Relocation Success – how to assist employees with integration

Integration assistance is the strategy and resources implemented for a positive transition into a new community. It addresses the needs of both the employee and potential family members from a practical, social, and professional perspective during a relocation.

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question session Erman 1

Question session with international employee

How has Minnovation worked as a support function in the new country? 

- When needed they have supported me well. Most recently Minnovation in Skellefteå helped me reopen my bank account that the bank had blocked.

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