Jen Cui

Jian Cui, Project coordinator

Welcome our new colleague and project coordinator, Jian Cui 


Jian Cui was born and raised in China. He got his bachelor degree in management from China and MBA degree from University of Southampton.

Before moving to Sweden, he was an officer at investment promotion bureau dealing with investment projects coordination and market analysis with cross-culture partners and crossfunction departments in China .


- Tell us about your role at Minnovation

I work as a project coordinator in Skellefteå office. My role is like a bridge between our clients and suppliers, where various requirements and ideas from diverse cultures meet. Through my work, questions would be answered, problems would be solved, therefore, our business cooperations will be more efficient, and every side gets his happy result .

- What is it like to work at Minnovation?

Minnovation is a Swedish company with diverse cultures background, which is very attractive to me. It is great that I was assigned my mentor the first day on board, and received induction training. I got lots of help from my colleagues both in Skellefteå and Stockholm, they are very nice and professional.

- What gap do you think Minnovation fills in the market?

Minnovation is doing a great job, the products and services from Minnovation are unique in the market. I think i have seen the corner of a huge scroll: the growing international economic cooperation and the rise of new energy, it is very meaning ful to be able to participate in it.

- What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a fan of history, enjoy reading related books and watching documentaries. I love travel and photography, so i can taste all kind of delicious food and enjoy the beautiful sceneries all over the world! I also like play console, fans of Halo.


Welcome to our team Jian Cui!

Stina Nordlander 1

Stina Nordlander, marketing assistant

Get to know our marketing assistant, Stina Nordlander.

Stina Nordlander was born and raised in Nyadal, High Coast, but has lived in Stockholm for almost six years. Previously, Stina worked with international sustainability and environmental issues before she saddled up and started studying at Stockholm University. In addition to taking her bachelor's degree in criminology this summer, Stina also a member of the board of Mensa in Stockholm. As you can already see, Stina is very multifaceted, but something she is very proud of is when she received the title of Miss Sweden 2015 and got to represent Sweden in international beauty contests.

- Tell us about your role at Minnovation.

I work part-time as a marketing assistant and am based in Stockholm and develop our clientele here with a focus on helping students work during their studies. It is a role that suits me well as i am a student myself and Minnovation has made it possible for me to work on inspiring tasks at the same time as i study.

- What is it like to work at Minnovation?

I enjoy the office in Stockholm with my colleagues where different cultures and languages ​​meet, which often leads to laughter in the lunch room and new lessons. Every working day is a new challenge and since i am involved in a relatively new project where we are developing the conditions for our students to complete their studies at universities around the country, I think it is very exciting and fun to be with at the beginning and establish this here in Stockholm. I look forward to continuing to work here during and after my studies.

- What gap do you think Minnovation fills in the market?

One of the things i think is good and very unique about Minnovation is that we work with both recruitment, relocation and have solutions for local integration. For people who come to Sweden and- or relocate in Sweden to work, it is important that they enter the society in their new place of residence to thrive.

Felicia Granlund

Felicia Granlund, Recruitment assistant

Get to know our recruitment assistant in Skellefteå through seven quick questions, Felicia Granlund.


- Tell us about yourself and your background outside of work.

 I am a 27-year-old girl, raised in Skellefteå. During my working life, I have mainly worked in retail in various roles within various companies, most recently as a store manager. My main occupation right now is as a student on the HR program at Umeå University!

- Tell us about your role at Minnovation.

My role as a recruitment assistant involves preliminary work with our candidates and their profiles, interviews and matching the candidates' skills to various assignments.

- Why did you choose to start working at Minnovation?

I chose to start at Minnovation partly because I could already start practicing my lessons from my education, continue to develop in recruitment, which was one of my favorite tasks in my previous job, but also because Minnovation seemed like an exciting company to be a part of !

- What gap do you think Minnovation fills in the market?

I think that our sustainability thinking is what makes us special, that we work long-term through permanent relocations and sustainable integrations! The entire recruitment process is permeated by a constant mindset of sustainability, which I think feels incredibly important and almost decisive, considering how fast the market in Skellefteå is expanding right now.

- What is the best thing about working at Minnovation?

The best thing about Minnovation is being part of a forward-looking company whose ideas align with my own. In my opinion, people and competence are the most important things within an organization, and being involved in such an important process as recruitment is challenging, but above all very rewarding and fun!

- What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Being new to my role there are of course many challenges and I am still learning new things every day. With colleagues and managers who support, value and believe in me, everything that can possibly arise is solved!

- What are your future goals and dreams?

My goals for the future are to work strategically with HR issues after graduation, related to exactly what we do at Minnovation, a sustainable personnel policy that values ​​people and competence for prosperous and competitive organizations.

Ansion lin 1

Ansion Lin, Financial Officer Minnovation

Ansion Lin, Financial Officer: “Sustainability and integration are essential for all industries”

Ansion Lin moved to Sweden from China in 2008 to study an international program at KTH. Some years later, he joined Minnovation, partly after hearing about the company's good reputation in the Chinese community. Today, he works as a Financial Officer.

“In my daily work, I handle operational issues related to finance, taking care of contacts and invoice payments. I try to keep up with financial developments and am always looking for digital solutions to improve our working processes.”

For Ansion, the best part about working at Minnovation is the opportunity to work alongside a great team and collaborate closely to solve complex problems, ultimately working with the company's commitment to sustainability and integration.

“I really enjoy how we work closely together and find solutions to solve complex problems. Sustainability and integration are essential for all industries and companies, and we keep working closely with our customers to evolve and adjust our service to meet their changing needs.”

Outside of work, Ansion enjoys spending time with his wife and son, doing seasonal activities such as hiking, skiing, and enjoying nature. He loves the open society and freedom that Sweden offers.

mariestad relocate

What to think about when relocating for a job?

Relocating for a new job can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we discuss what relocating for a job can include, how Minnovation assists throughout the process, and share some helpful tips for the best relocating and integrating experience. 

There are many reasons for relocating for work to a new city or country – a new job, lifestyle improvements, or change of career – and as the pandemic begins to decline, work relocations continue to further increase

Research shows that some of the most common industries to relocate for are health, industrialization, and tech, with nurses, engineers, and software engineers as popular positions. But relocating can be difficult. In a recent survey, it was revealed that the two most challenging factors of relocating for a new job were finding a new home and getting acclimated to the new community. 

Regardless of the reason for relocating or challenges ahead, there’s one key factor to keep in mind to make the experience as good as possible: being well-prepared. 

Relocation assistance with Minnovation

At Minnovation, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in a new home to feel comfortable at a new workplace. We take integration in society seriously, see it as a business-critical investment, and know that when we succeed with that, our business will be sustainable in the long run. For candidates, this means that we, for example, help establish a new or temporary home address and contact with authorities, municipalities, schools, and other local networks – all from the very start to enable a quick entry into society. Picture us as your support function between for institutions and companies you want and need to get in contact with. 

For companies, we provide a sustainable supply chain of recruitment and staffing, for example, by using fast-track-to-work permits to make the process as smooth as possible. We recruit with a focus on creating a sense of mutual belonging in our society and establish collaborations that enable relocations contributing to municipalities’ increased population and long-term growth. 

4 things to think about when relocating for a job

When searching for a new job, it can be exciting to think about the benefits and future it could bring for you and your family. And to make the relocation as smooth as possible, there are four things to consider: 

  • Prepare your documents 

When being in the process of relocating for a job, especially if it’s to a new country, it’s essential to have all the papers and documents in place. Hopefully, your new employer can help ease the transition, for example, by providing VISA assistance. At Minnovation, we manage the entire VISA process and have close relations with the Swedish Migration Agency to make the experience as good as possible for both candidates and companies.

  • Research your new home

As soon as you know where you’ll be moving, start searching online for different things concerning your new destination. It can be about trivial things, such as the most popular restaurants in the area, or more crucial things, such as how the school systems work – but nevertheless, it will make your new hometown a bit more familiar.  

  • Build a network in your new hometown

Becoming part of society is important when moving to a new place. Here, Minnovation’s collaboration with Expats & Friends is a good example for those moving to Skellefteå. Try finding similar local meeting forums in your new hometown, so the transition hopefully will provide you with new acquaintances and friends. 

  • Language studies

If the move has been to a new country where the language is unfamiliar, take some time to learn the essential words and phrases. If you want to take it one step further, a language course can be an excellent way to find new friends and get familiar with the culture. At Minnovation, we live after the commitment to a sustainable process of recruiting, relocating, and integrating. We are also committed to good staffing agreements, which includes collective agreements and occupational pension. 


 Contact us for further discussion if you’re interested in how we can help you. 


medarbetarportratt Peter 1

Peter Åberg, CEO Minnovation

Peter Åberg, CEO at Minnovation: " its exciting to be a part of this journey " 

Peter has a long career behind him as a CEO in everything from startups to large industrial companies, with experience from the medical technology industry, the engineering industry and biological companies. In the role of CEO , Peters focus is to quickly understand the companys potential and opportunities to increase profits, which he has succeeded in doing at Minnovation - the company has tripled its turnover in the last year and has a strong ambition to continue increasing its success.

" Its important to have common goals and directions. I always look six month ahead and try to find success factors in everything from personnel development and sales, to new establishments and profit. The best thing about working at Minnovation is the fast pace, the freedom under responsibility and the opportunity to reach high goals. It´s funny! "

Peter also has experience as a sustainability expert. For him sustainability is a leadership issue, and something that goes hand in hand with the Minnovation integration process.

" Integration is incredible important and something you have to actively work on quite quickly after the recruits have arrived in their new hometown. This increases the chances that those who come will actually stay and bring their families with them, and in this way the municipality will have better opportunities to plan the future. " One of the reasons why Peter became CEO at Minnovation was the exciting mix of people and the commitment to the Swedish industrial venture - something that he hopes will develop even more in the future.

" It is exciting to be a part of this journey, now that Sweden is investing in industry. We have to supply personnel, otherwise there is a risk that many industrial investments will disappear, and the government also has a big responsibility there. In the long-term, it will be great to be able to participate in the sustainable development of society going forward, where integration will play a big role."


medarbetarportratt lejonstrom 1

Jens Pihlblad, Market manager Minnovation

Jens Pihlblad, market manager at Minnovation: " We are in a very special situation " 

Jens has worked in marketing and sales for many years, both as district manager and sales manager at national and international companies. Today he is market manager at Minnovation, a role that includes both strategic and operational parts.

" With my previous experience, i can today shine a light on how we can package, offer and deliver our services in a good way. Its about everything from working with the company´s brand awareness locally and nationally, to identifying which tools our employees need to be able to deliver the best to our customer and consultants "

In additional to this, Jens works in a larger perspective towards both universities, municipalities and business so that Minnovation can create the right conditions for the development of society in Sweden.

" The best thing about Minnovation is that we are a forward leaning company, where we have consolidated the international experience and knowledge with the national demand for competence supply. This means that we become an agile organization that quickly matches customers demand with long-term recruitment solution that meet their needs. Where the receipt as the super gaselle in Sweden shows that we are involved in changing the market for recruitment and staffing in the nordics. "

And it was precisely the idea of sustainability that attracted Jens to Minnovation. The entire company is working towards making the temporary relocation permanent. In this way, the recruitment model becomes sustainable for customers and consultants, but also on a municipal and regional level with an increased number of inhabits, tax revenues, and job opportunities.

" All people have a need to feel a sense of belonging. A sustainable relocation and integration creates the right conditions for those who are recruited to stay in the new workplace for several years. We are in a special situation with the industrial development that is taking place in Sweden - and i look forward to contributing to making it sustainable for everyone involved. "

niklas jonasson 9Aom2v4NrP8 unsplash

Relocation Success - how to assist employees with integration

Relocation Success: 4 ways companies can assist employees with integration


Integration assistance is at the core of successful recruitment and relocation, as it benefits both employees, companies and societies in the long run. Here, we’ve gathered an overview and some tips on what companies can do to achieve a successful integration assistance process.

Companies are increasingly relying on bringing in and retaining expert workers from other cities and countries. From ensuring long-term success to simply filling a worker gap, the global mobility industry shows no sign of slowing down with 3 of 5 workers willing to relocate for work

However, relocating for work can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for employees. In addition to the stress of finding a new home and adjusting to a new environment, they may also face cultural differences and struggles to build a new support system. Here, integration assistance plays a central part in successful relocations and employee retention. 

What is integration assistance? 

Integration assistance is the strategy and resources implemented for a positive transition into a new community. It addresses the needs of both the employee and potential family members from a practical, social, and professional perspective during a relocation, often after the move has been completed. In general, it doesn’t just help the candidate experience but also comes with several business benefits: candidates with a smooth integration experience can contribute and be productive more quickly at work after a move, and are more likely to have a positive impact on the organization’s culture and overall mission. In fact, 73% of employees are more productive at work thanks to integration assistance.

How companies can achieve successful integration assistance 

Companies that provide their employees with effective integration assistance can help ease the transition and ensure their employees’ success in their new location. Here are four things companies can do to assist with the integration process:

  • Facilitate cultural integration

Understanding and joining a culture is easier said than done, but a good way to start is through language. Even though the local language is not commonly used in the workplace, it’s still key when understanding a culture. At Minnovation, we offer the ability for candidates to combine work with language studies, so the integration process runs smoothly.

  • Connect employees with local resources 

Employees who have recently relocated may not be familiar with the area and may have difficulty finding resources such as doctors, banks, and supermarkets. Companies can assist their employees by connecting them with local resources or providing them with a list of recommended service providers, saving a lot of time and stress. Minnovation collaborates with Expats & Friends, a non-profit organization in Skellefteå, creating opportunities for both new and old locals to meet and connect.

  • Support the transition of families

Relocating for work can be difficult not just for the employee but also for their family. One of the most common reasons for an employee not wanting to relocate is due to family, showing how important it is for companies to truly take care of an employee’s family.

Activating partners and providing schooling solutions for children are two of the most important parts of taking care of families. Additionally, companies can also organize events and activities that allow families to meet and connect with other families who have relocated.

  • Offering a long-term perspective

Relocating for a job often means a lot for the employee, and a long-term focus is therefore of high importance. Create the conditions needed for thriving and developing, both at work and outside work, for the employees and accompanying families. 

Feeling safe, happy and welcomed are the pillars of an effective integration process, and something every company should focus on – regardless of how far the transfer has been. At Minnovation, we take integration in society seriously and see it as a business-critical investment; when we succeed with that, our business will be even more sustainable in the long run. Read more about our integration process here.

question session Erman 1

Question session with international employee

Minnovation in Skellefteå had the opportunity to interview one of our employees who came to a wintry and cold northern Sweden in february 2021. How a relocation can be to northern Swedens climate from Turkey in the middle of the winter - in a pandemic.

Due to GDPR we will not print our employees name.

Question session:

How long have you been working for Minnovation in Sweden? 

- Since February in 2021, so almost two years in Skellefteå municipality.

What was it like start working in Sweden as a country? 

-  When i arrived to Sweden 2021 it was in the middle of the pandemic, so that was quite difficult. Today its easier.

What has been difficult with all the authorites? 

- Due to the Ukraine situation it has been to obtaining the second work permit, as Minnovation helped me with.

How has Minnovation worked as a support function in the new country? 

- When needed they have supported me well. Most recently Minnovation in Skellefteå helped me reopen my bank account that the bank had blocked, at first the bank told me to send an letter to Stockholm and this was on a friday. But Minnovation followed me to the bank resolved the situation for me. Very appreciated.

Do you like the nordic winter with the nordic lights? 

- Yes i really do, Unfortunately i was nog lucky enough to see full nordic lights despite spending three winters

What is the best thing with Minnovation? 

  • Providing needed documents, visa ( work permit ) and support function when needed.

Would you recommend others to work together with Minnovation? 

Yes, I do recommend others this opportunity




If you are interested in which work opportunities Minnovation can offer you, 

register your candidate profile at this link and we will contact you when we have something that matches your profile.



Min li Danielsson integration 4

Clear integration is essential for long-term growth

Integration are the essential cornerstones of Minnovation's business concept, says founder and Group President Min Li-Danielsson. We recruit staff from whole Asia and European countries both with national and international competencies.

It is important that new employees feel at home here and not only for the individual, but also for the long-term perspective of the company and the entire industry. Therefore, we provide what we call an "all inclusive" package for those we recruit here, i.e. international specialists with expertise that is currently lacking in Sweden. We help them with all conditions, school places, at doctor's appointments, activities where you can make friends et c. To a greater extent we want them to feel part of our society.

She is originally from China and has a career spanning over 20 years with managerial HR roles in large international companies. Competence combined with contacts in Asia sparked the idea that the international recruitment work could be made more efficient. Minnovations development has exceeded expectations with a team that really lives up to expectations.

Above you can see when Min Li- Danielsson awarded the prize as Supergazelle of Sweden 2022 in december together with CEO of Minnovation and minister of integration Johan Pehrson from the Swedish government.




Photo: Oscar Olsson