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With our international knowledge, local network, and fast-track to work permit, we help you find the right person for the right position.

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We serve as a support function through the business world, educational institutions, and municipal authorities.

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We create the conditions to thrive and develop locally with language studies, social meeting forums, expat activities, and more.

International and national competencies – locally

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Helping enterprises establish in Sweden

To start up a new or establish your current business in Scandinavia, you need knowledge, a knowledge of laws and an understanding of how it works in Nordic countries with the authorities, migration office, tax agency, banks, etc. This is where Minnovation comes into the picture to help simplify your development in the Nordic countries.

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What to think about when relocating for a job?

At Minnovation, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in a new home to feel comfortable at a new workplace. Read more to see how we can assist you.

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Relocation Success – how to assist employees with integration

Integration assistance is the strategy and resources implemented for a positive transition into a new community. It addresses the needs of both the employee and potential family members from a practical, social, and professional perspective during a relocation.

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Question session with international employee

How has Minnovation worked as a support function in the new country? 

- When needed they have supported me well. Most recently Minnovation in Skellefteå helped me reopen my bank account that the bank had blocked.

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